This edition of the meeting coincided with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Antonio A. Monteiro, on May 31st.


The main topic was Algebraic Logic, but sessions of communications on algebra, analysis, geometry and logic also took place.



  • Two 5-day courses, starting on Monday, May 28, intended for young graduate students and students in the last years of their graduate program in Mathematics.
  • Eight one hour lectures by invited speakers were held.
  • 18 communications of 20 minutes each, selected according to the submitted abstracts.


Organizing institutions:

Guest speakers:

Michael Adams (SUNY, New Paltz, USA)

Elza Amaral (Universidade de Alto Douro, Portugal)

Roberto Cignoli (IAM, Buenos Aires)

J. Michael Dunn (Indiana University, USA)

Francesc Esteva (Institut d'Investigació en Intelligència Artificial (IIIA) y CSIC, España)

Lluís Godo (Institut d'Investigació en Intelligència Artificial (IIIA) y CSIC, España)

Daniele Mundici (University of Florence, Italia)

Eduardo Ortiz (Imperial College, UK) 

Alejandro Petrovich (UBA, Buenos Aires)

H. P. Sankappanavar (SUNY, USA) 

Antoni Torrens (Universidad de Barcelona)


Una introducción a las álgebras de Boole con aplicaciones

Alejandro Petrovich [Notes (PDF 118KB)]

Álgebras de Boole. Definición, ejemplos y algunas propiedades elementales. Álgebras de Boole finitas. El álgebra de Boole de la Lógica proposicional. Álgebras de Boole completas y atómicas.

Representación conjuntista y topológica de las álgebras de Boole. Subálgebras y homomorfismos.

Aplicaciones al álgebra y al análisis.

Recent Developments of Many-valued Logic

Daniele Mundici [Notes (PDF 448KB)]

(i) Extending Caratheodory algebraic probability to Lukasiewicz logic

(ii) De Finetti no-Dutch-Book theorem in nonclassical logics

(iii) Multisets, locally finite MV-algebras and A. Monteiro's boolean algebras with automorphisms

Organizing committee:

Manuel Abad

María Inés Platzeck

Luiz Monteiro

José Patricio Díaz Varela

Rosana Entizne 

Laura Rueda

Sonia Savini

Ignacio Viglizzo